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Progress Over Perfection, Behavioral Health Services opened in South Carolina, 2021. Named after the idea that therapy should be more about progressing towards your goals rather than perfectionism, the practice reflects that progress is anything but a straight line.  

Founded by Ebbie Henderson, Progress Over Perfection, (also known as POP Counseling), focuses on counseling services not limited to private sessions, group sessions, and consulting. Individual therapists within the practice are encouraged to utilize their professional talents through presentations, consulting, blogging, and other creative methods.

Progress Over Perfection will consult and join a client’s medical team upon request and completion of Consent Form. If a client needs additional supports outside of therapy, Progress Over Perfection will refer the client out for medical assessments and/or additional treatments.

Developed during the pandemic, Progress Over Perfection is a primary telehealth practice. Ebbie realizes the importance of maintaining online accessibility for those who may be unable to come into an on-site only practice for various reasons (work schedule, family responsibilities, disability limitations, preference).  

Self pay (most payments accepted) and HSAs are accepted! Individual sessions are for 1 hour and cost $100. Couple's and Family sessions start at $130 per session. Clients desiring a sliding scale can contact the practice. Superbill can be provided for clients desiring to be reimbursed through their insurance’s out-of-network policy. Clients have the options of selecting a counseling package or pay per session. 

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"Always be a work in progress."

~ Emily Lillian

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